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Have you ever wished you could write your own life? As if you were the main character in a thrilling novel? A character who could do and achieve whatever they wanted? Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret... with the Write Your Life course, you can.

You may think that sounds a little crazy, but what is life if not a blank page (or several blank pages) on which we can write our own, unique story? In fact, I'd argue that's exactly what it is. Besides, if you're not willing to think a little outside the box, then this probably won't be the course for you. The best experiences in life always seem a little crazy – at least, at first.

This course is all about waking up tomorrow and looking at that fresh, blank page and deciding to take control – deciding to be the author of your own life. After all, isn't that what's supposed to happen? We have one life on this earth (as far as we know), and we should be the ones to write our own stories – not our family, not our friends, not our bosses or our peers or anyone else. Us.

Using several writing exercises and an array of mindset techniques, this course will offer you a unique approach to both writing and life, one that will improve your literary skills at the same time as transforming your point of view. Whether you're looking for writing help or are interested in self-development, this course is guaranteed to make you look at things from a different (and hopefully more exciting!) perspective. 

And another thing – you don't need to be a writer (or aspiring writer) to benefit from this course. I designed the Write Your Life course to be accessible to both writers and people with no interest in writing at all, as the main focus is on working through any problems you have and transforming how you see yourself – not to mention giving you the motivation and encouragement you need to really go after what you want in life.


I want to help you change your life, and I believe I can, if you're willing to give it a go.


What am I actually going on about? Basically, it’s based on the following idea: when you’re reading a book, or watching a TV show or a movie, do you sometimes find yourself rolling your eyes at the page, or shouting at the screen, because the main character’s about to do something immensely stupid? Or because you can tell exactly what’s about to happen? Or because you think you could have written it better yourself? We all do it, and we always know what’s best for the characters we’re reading about or watching on the screen.

So why on earth don't we do this when it comes to our own lives? Why can't we look at our own situations – such as when we have an important decision to make – and see it from an outsider's perspective? As if we were a reader of an epic romance story? Or a coming-of-age narrative? Or a tale of redemption? Perhaps it's a rags-to-riches tale, or a story about a timid girl who blossoms into an awesome powerhouse businesswoman? Fiction always includes conflict of some kind, but it also includes heroes and heroines, people who overcome terrible obstacles and who escape from horrific circumstances, coming out the other side having learned the necessary lessons and grown in all kinds of ways to become the person they were always meant to be. 

It happens all the time in fiction – and it can happen to you too, if you want it to. That is, if you're willing to step outside your own life for a second and see it from an outsider's perspective... if you're willing to think outside the box... if you're willing to write your own life.


Many online writing and self-development courses consist of a few videos or slideshows, some worksheets, and some quizzes. They include a lot of helpful information, and if you're able to learn that way, they can be great resources. If you're not into learning that way (if it reminds you of boardroom meeting presentations and revising for school exams, for instance), they might not be worth your time. In fact, you might need a different approach entirely.

With the Write Your Life course, you can watch my computer screen in real time as I take you through each and every exercise, showing you exactly how I write my life so that you can write yours. You can take your time and go through the course at your own pace, but however long you take, you can follow along with me as we go through each and every exercise together. This is a 'doing' course – the more you do, the more you'll get out of it!

Finally, as with all our courses, 5% of the profits that the WTA makes from this course will be donated to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library – which, every month, sends out free books to children aged 0-5 in the US, the UK, and several other countries. 


  • __ hours of video content of me, Jessica Grace Coleman, taking you through the writing exercises so I can show you exactly how they work – and how they can work for you. You'll be able to see both myself and my computer screen  as I talk you through exactly what I'm doing (and why), every step of the way.


  • __ worksheets for you to complete and keep.

  • Lifelong access to the course content.


  • A Certificate of Completion.


  • Introduction

  • Mindset

  • Fear

  • Write Your Life: Career

  • Write Your Life: Social Life

  • Write Your Life: Relationships

  • Write Your Life: Health

  • Write Your Life: In General

  • Writing the Rest of your Future

Please note - these modules are all 'lite' versions. For a more extensive look into each module, you can take the Write Your Life Full Course.


While some of the themes explored in this course are of a psychological nature, or concern mindset and wellbeing techniques, I (Jessica Grace Coleman) am not a psychologist or medical professional of any kind. I have simply seen how writing has helped clients of mine in the past, and wanted to put together a course that would help people from all kinds of backgrounds improve their perspectives – and their lives.

This is the Write Your Life Intro Course. For the Write Your Life Full Course, take a look at this page.


All Write Together Academy courses are housed over at our Teachable HQ. There you'll be able to access every one of our courses, as well as seeing all available modules for each course (and previewing some of them for free). All courses come in the form of pre-recorded videos, and each module comes with its own course notes or resources – usually PDF files. You get lifetime access to any course you purchase, and you can take the courses at your own pace, as none of it is live. While some modules include slideshows or other teaching aids, the majority of these modules feature videos of my (Jessica Grace Coleman's) computer screen – with my face in the corner – so you can follow everything I do. That way, I can show you what I mean rather than simply telling you, which I believe is far more effective.


The cost for this course is £49 – and remember, that includes lifetime access, the worksheets and resources to the intro modules, a Certificate of Completion, and an invitation to the private Write Together Academy Facebook group. To purchase, just press the red button below or head over to the Write Together Academy Course HQ at Teachable!


If you like the look of this course but want to get more out of it, we offer a Write Your Life Full Course for just £199. This is an extended version of the 'lite' course with many more hours of content, and as well as lifetime access, a Certificate of Completion, and an invitation to the private Write Together Academy Facebook group, you'll also get a Write Together Academy mug and far more resources and worksheets to help you Write Your Life.


Head on over to the Write Together Academy Course HQ to see the full course module list, payment options, and some previews of a couple of the modules so you can 'try before you buy'. And, as ever, if you have any questions about this course that we haven't covered here, you can email us at

Total cost inc. all extras: £49


If you know someone who would love to take part in this course, we have a range of gift vouchers available to buy – the perfect gift for those creative people in your life (and it makes a nice change from toiletries or a pair of socks)!


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