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when it comes to your personal  brand...


your story is          everything

But what if you don't know what your story is? Or your purpose? Or your message? 


What if you don't know what to post on social media?


How do you know what will resonate with your ideal customer?


That’s where I come in. Enter the Word Nerd.

As online entrepreneurs, we need to stand out from the crowd.

We want our ideal clients to relate to us and really connect with our story.

And guess what? People pay attention to stories – especially good ones.

Our story lets us illustrate our purpose, our mission, our 'why'.

And storytelling helps us get our message across in a fun, creative, memorable way.

Stories are made to be passed on to others. Word-of-mouth marketing, anyone?

When our ideal clients can see themselves in our story, they'll be more likely to connect with us on a personal level.

If we can master the art of telling our story, we can use our brand story over and over again, in various iterations, to help build the 'know, like and trust' factor with our potential clients.

The stories we tell ourselves and the words we use matter.

Never underestimate the power of a great story.

So, are you ready to tell yours?

Jessica was OUTSTANDING in the work she did for me. She is worth every penny and works so hard to get the job done. Five stars!

Bradley Smith

What is THE GWYS PACKAGE and who is it for?

Let's run through some of the basics.


Who it's for:


  • Female entrepreneurs, side hustlers, biz owners, and creatives who have an online business or passion project.


What you'll do:

  • Fill in an online questionnaire about you and your business.

  • Hop on a Zoom call with me so I can do a deep-dive into your story.

What I'll do:

  • Write you a unique and epic personal brand story (three versions).

  • Create a month's worth of social media content (both captions and graphics, based on one post per day) using your brand story & your purpose as a solid starting point.

  • Create a social media content calendar with personalised content strategy for you to use going forward.

  • Provide you with a full report on your brand identity and narrative using our Girl, What's Your Story? Framework.

Now you'll be able to:

  • Nail your niche.

  • Pinpoint your purpose.

  • Identify your dream client.

  • Clarify your unique message.

  • Have a ready-made personal brand story to tell the world.

  • Create epic content that will really resonate with your ideal customer.

I found Jessica’s service to be fairly priced, prompt and, most of all, her enthusiasm and passionate attitude to the craft of writing shines through when assisting on a project.

Christopher Read


When you sign up for a Girl, What's Your Story? Brand & Content package, you'll get:

  • A month's worth of Storytelling Social Media Content (captions and graphics, based on one post a day), which will really resonate with your ideal client and which can be repurposed across several online platforms.

  • A Storytelling Social Media Content Calendar & Strategy that you can tweak for future months.

  • A Girl, What's Your Story Report on your purpose, niche, ideal client, and messaging, including suggestions for other pieces of online content going forward.

  • Want more content? After going through this process you'll be eligible to join our monthly Girl, What's Your Story? VIP Content Club!

See actual examples of all the goodies you'll be getting by checking out our Testimonials.

Jessica made it so easy for me to believe in myself through her words of encouragement and support. I found it really helpful that if you needed help with anything she was only an email away and always replied promptly.

Wayne Saunders

how do i know if i need this service?

Still not convinced? 


If any of the following sound at all familiar, then the Girl, What's Your Story? Personalised Brand & Content Package is for you.

  • You dread having to come up with social media content every week. Who has time for that?!

  • You know you have something to say but you have no idea how to communicate it clearly and effectively – on your website, on social, or just when telling people what you do for a living.

  • You're worried that you have nothing to say and that no one will want to listen to you. Who are you to start this business? Who are you to teach or coach others? (That's imposter syndrome creeping in, the cheeky devil.)

  • You fear being 'outed' for not being an expert, and worry that people will somehow use your content against you (there's that cheeky devil again).

  • You’re having trouble finding the exact words to resonate with your ideal customer (or having trouble even deciding who your ideal customer is).

  • You're not totally sure that you've nailed your niche, and your purpose behind your business or project is wishy-washy to say the least.

  • You're not sure you even have a story – personal brand or otherwise – and therefore don't know why people should buy from you.

  • You're spending hours stressing over your written copy and social media content, and you’ve had enough already!

  • You have no idea what the 'big why' behind your business actually is, and feel lost when trying to communicate your purpose to your clients.


  • You've been staring at your screen for so long now you have no idea what most words even mean anymore. ARE they even words?!


That’s where I come in – armed with my laptop, a nice cup of tea, and an unrelenting passion for words and storytelling.

So, what do you say?

Jessica’s guidance and editing have taken my work to another level, and this has had a very positive impact on how I write. Jessica is always on hand to provide advice when needed.

Wayne Mullane


imagine if...

It's time for a mini visualisation exercise! 

So, take a deep breath and imagine if...

  • That content strategy you've been stressing over for months was suddenly – and magically – sorted. As if some kind of Content Fairy had swooped down and sprinkled fairy dust all over your computer. Yes, that Content Fairy is me.

  • You could stop worrying about social media content and put that extra time and energy into the parts of your business you love.

  • Someone asked you what you do for a living and, instead of umming and ahhing and tripping over your words, you could deliver an epic one-liner detailing your business, your story, and the purpose behind what you do.

  • Your content resonated with your ideal customers on such an epic level that you got bombarded with business.

  • You felt confident in what you’re saying and in the message you’re communicating to your audience. No misunderstandings, no wrong clients, no fuss. Just a clear, crisp message about who you are, who you can help, and why you do what you do.

  • You could ditch the dictionary and thesaurus and let someone else worry about words for once.

So go on, what do you say?

Let me be your Content Fairy!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Jessica. In fact, I was amazed by how easy she made the whole process.

Catherine, BA, HDipEd

how does it work?

Show me the money! Just press the button below to be taken to the payment options.

I send you a questionnaire about you and your business or project & you fill it in online.

From the answers you provide, I start coming up with story and brand ideas. We then hop on a Zoom call to delve a bit deeper into your story – one hour is all I need.

You go and relax while I get to work! I write your personal brand story (three versions), create content for a month's worth of social media posting (captions and graphics, based on one post per day), create a social media content calendar with a personalised content strategy, and provide you with a full report on your brand identity and narrative using our unique, magical, wonderful Girl, What's Your Story? Framework.

We both do a happy dance* as you go out there and start attracting your dream customers.

* not required.

Jessica is confident, talented and honest in her editing. I enjoyed working alongside her.


why should i work with you?

I love words.


I love how powerful they are.


I love how they can change the world.


I love how they can change OUR world and our businesses.


Words are everything.

I've spent over a decade hanging out with words in a professional capacity, getting to know them and putting in the hard yards so you don't have to.


I've been an author, copywriter, proofreader, music reviewer, band interviewer, ezine owner, editor, ghostwriter, writing mentor, writing competition judge, content creator, course designer, and now – supreme storytelling specialist.


I’m not just interested in how words work on a surface level; I love the psychology of words and how they can affect our moods, our mindsets, and our approach to life.


Writing is magical, and words can change the way we look at our ourselves, our circumstances, and everything else.


I’m so super passionate about this, I wrote a book about it – Write Your Life: The Ultimate Life Hack For Achieving Your Dreams.


Words and stories are so incredibly important when it comes to our brands and businesses, so let me help you write your epic personal brand story today.

Jessica has been really easy to work with and keeps in touch every step of the way. I will highly recommend her services and can't wait to work with her on future projects.

Barbara Adu-Darko

show me the

OK, OK, I get it. You've heard enough from me. 

Now you want to hear from my happy, shiny clients.

Well, it's your lucky day.

video testimonials coming soon!


Jessica is clear and thorough, with an understanding of the content and a comprehensive and sympathetic eye to detail in the editing.

Christine Yeats

payment options.


  • Spread out the cost.

  • Receive your Personalised Brand Story & Content Package within 14 days of our Zoom/phone call.

  • Includes your personal brand story, a month's worth of social media content (captions and graphics, based on one post per day), personalised social media content calendar & strategy, and brand identity & narrative report.

3 monthly payments of £247

discount plan

  • Speed up the process – receive everything within 7 days of our Zoom/phone call!

  • Save money!

  • Get 10% off your first month of the Girl, What's Your Story? Content Club if you choose to join up!

  • Includes everything in the payment plan plus a final Zoom/phone call if required.

1 payment of

Still not sure? Check out the FAQs below or book a free discovery call with me!



  • How do I pay?


Just press one of the buttons above and you’ll be able to pay online. We accept credit/debit cards and Paypal.


  • What if I only want part of the package?


No problem! I can tweak the package according to your needs – just let me know what you require during our Zoom call. Please just note that the price will remain the same.


  • Do you offer refunds?


If you pay and then decide you don’t want to go ahead with the service before we've started, I can give you a full refund.


Once I’ve started the service, a full refund cannot be given. 


If I’ve only done part of the service and you want a partial refund, this can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


  • I’m not from the UK – is this going to be a problem?


No problem at all! I’m based in England, so I write in British English and am on London GMT time, but I have clients from all over the world.


We can accommodate American English, Canadian English, Australian English… basically, as long as you write/speak in the English language, we can adapt to the different spellings and words used in different countries.


I even lived in America for a while (when I attended the University of Colorado – go Buffs!) so I’m used to writing in American English too.

  • Why do you only work with female entrepreneurs? I have something to say too!


I primarily work with female entrepreneurs because – as a woman myself – I find it easier to get into my clients' mindsets and write from their perspective. 

If you're a male entrepreneur (or any other gender for that matter), I am still more than happy to help you, so please click the button to pay or email me first if you have any questions – Please just note that my Write Your Story Project is all about empowering women, so that is only open for women and those who identify as women.

  • What if I don't have a story? What if I don't have anything to say?

I'm just gonna stop you right there.


If you're about to say 'What if I don't have an epic rags-to-riches tale or a monumental coming-of-age story where I wrestle a crocodile and create a cure for procrastination and then run 10 marathons a day while raising six children and building a million-dollar online empire?' then stop it!


Not everyone's story will involve colossal once-in-a-lifetime achievements or crazy movie-style plot lines that will make your audience gasp in amazement or scream in excitement. And that's OK.


If you've read my brand story, you'll know that it's about how I went from a painfully shy, introverted high school student with an absolute terror for public speaking to someone who learnt how to communicate and tell her story in her own way, through the power of writing.


There were no epic battles, no battle of wits, no rap battles... just me battling my insecurities and limiting beliefs – and then overcoming them.


People love learning from people they can relate to, so the more down-to-earth your story is, the more your ideal client is likely to connect to it.

Your 'brand story' doesn't even have to relate directly to your business or what you're selling.


Instead, your story can showcase how you overcame a lifelong limiting belief... which gave you the confidence to start your business. Or it can illustrate how you helped someone with a problem... which gave you the idea to start your business.


Get it? It can be a story of feeling the fear and doing it anyway, of standing up for yourself or of learning a valuable lesson or of how you started a side hustle and now you can afford to take trapeze lessons, which is your real passion in life...


We can literally make a story out of anything, as long as it's authentic and as long as it comes from the heart.

  • This all sounds incredibly awesome, but I hate creating social media content SO MUCH. Can I hire you to create more of my content going forward?

Today's your lucky day!

If social media content creation makes you want to cry, you can sign up for our monthly Content Club, where we send you easily tweakable, completely customisable, epic graphic and caption templates that you can take and make your own. Sign up for a year or a month – it's completely up to you. 

Ahh, isn't it nice not having to worry about what you're going to post?


change your story

change your

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