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1. These terms and conditions apply to work carried out for the Client by Jessica Grace Coleman of the Write Together Academy (WTA) and her associates – whether as part of a mentorship, or while editing a Client’s manuscript or working on a Client’s writing as part of one of the WTA internship courses.


2. In terms of mentorships and other programmes, the WTA will provide services as agreed with the Client and confirmed in writing.


3. Jessica Grace Coleman of the Write Together Academy and her associates confirm that they are self-employed and are therefore responsible for their own income tax and National Insurance contributions.


4. Office hours for the WTA are Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. UK time. In urgent circumstances, the WTA may be contacted out of hours, but this will depend on each individual case. There may be an extra fee for mentoring sessions that need to take place regularly in the evenings and at weekends, though the WTA will try to accommodate the needs of each individual.


5. When working on a Client’s writing, the WTA uses Microsoft Word and Track Changes in order to make the amendments. It is the Client’s responsibility to then go through and either accept or reject the changes and comments themselves.


6. If the Client requires the editing work (as part of a mentorship or internship) to be completed by a certain deadline, this must be agreed upon before the work is accepted for editing, based on the time zone of the UK (GMT). When deadlines are agreed upon, the WTA will deliver the work on or before the agreed date, as long as the Client sends in the work on the agreed date and no later.


7. If the nature of the work changes or if supporting documents or materials are not received by the WTA on time, the WTA has the right to change the deadline.


8. Any work carried out by the WTA for the Client will become the copyright of the Client, unless otherwise agreed.


9. The nature and content of the work will be kept confidential at all times and will not be shown to any third parties without prior written permission from the Client. Confidential information will also not be copied or reproduced, or used for any purpose other than the proofreading or editing of the work. The WTA can provide a signed Confidentiality Agreement for the Client if needed.


10. Refunds can be given on gift vouchers and courses within 30 days of purchase if the Client is not satisfied with the product or service. For monthly mentorships or accountability programmes, the Client can stop the agreement at any time, but if any work has been done for that month, they will have to pay for that month.


11. No claim can be made by the Client that the WTA endorses any concepts or ideas in the Client’s work.


12. The service provided does not include extensive IT support help, and if the Client requires help that takes up a considerable amount of time, they may be charged for this. In cases such as these, the WTA will inform the client of the potential charges beforehand.


13. It is not the responsibility of the WTA to provide a fully-formatted manuscript as part of a mentorship or internship edit. The WTA is not a publisher or a typesetter.


14. Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018, both the WTA and the Client may keep details (e.g. contact information) on record as necessary, if they are used only for the initial stated purpose.


15. Both the WTA and the Client reserve the right to terminate the contract for mentorships if there is a serious breach of the terms set forth here.


16. These terms are subject to the laws of England and Wales. Both the Client and the WTA agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts.

17. As part of mentorship and internship manuscript edits, the WTA aims to give a reliable and accurate service, but due to human error we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.


18. The WTA cannot be held responsible for (direct or indirect) losses or costs incurred by any remaining errors in a manuscript or piece of writing. The final responsibility for errors remains with the Client.


19. The WTA will not be held liable for any omissions or errors caused by the Client’s failure to communicate requirements clearly.


20. If the Client breaches any of these Terms and Conditions, they will be held fully responsible for any legal claim for expenses, liability, and financial losses (including legal fees) incurred by the WTA as caused by their breach.


21. The WTA reserves the right to alter pricing without notice, although prices previously confirmed in writing will be honoured for the duration of that work, and no ongoing work will be affected by these price changes.


22. In terms of manuscripts, the WTA cannot guarantee that a Client's work will be published. The WTA is not a publisher. The responsibility to find literary representation and/or get a publishing contract remains with the Client only.


23. The WTA reserves the right to refuse any piece of work that includes highly offensive material. The WTA will not work on any manuscript that involves explicit references to paedophilia.


24. The WTA courses consist mainly of pre-recorded videos and digital worksheets/resource packs. Only courses labelled ‘internships’ include interaction with Jessica Grace Coleman and her input into the Client’s work. 


25. Mentorships can be conducted via Skype, FaceTime, phone call, email, texts, WhatsApp messaging, WhatsApp voice messages, or a combination of several of these forms of communication. When a Client enquires about mentorships, they will be sent a form to fill in regarding their preferred methods, as well as information concerning their writing and what help they need with it. They will then be sent a contract and an invoice, which must be paid before the mentorship can begin.


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