the write your story project.

i'm starting
a story revolution.
who's in?

stories transform us.
stories connect us.
stories can change the world.

The Write Your Story Project empowers women all over the globe to tell their stories and find connections across continents.

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To be considered for inclusion in the project, you can:

  • Download the DIY Storytelling Content Toolkit and write your brand story using the DIY templates. Info on how to apply will be in the toolkit.

  • Book in for a Bespoke 1:1 Storytelling & Content Package and have me write your story for you. You can then inform me that you want to submit it to the project.

  • Or, if you already have your story written, email it in to with the subject 'Write Your Story Submission'.


We can learn so much from other women's stories.
Their struggles and strengths. Their fears and limiting beliefs. How they overcame their problems to achieve their dreams.
That's why I came up with the Write Your Story Project.

Just think.
Wouldn't it be great if you could come together with an awesome community of women and all share your stories together?
Wouldn't it be amazing if women from all over the world, with all different backgrounds and from all different cultures, could tell their stories on one platform, with the aim to inspire, inform, and motivate others?
(While also getting some free promo... hey, it had to be said!)

Wouldn't it be freaking incredible if all of these stories could get showcased on social media?
And then collated into a physical book?
So that readers from all over the world could see the connecting threads in each of these stories, and realise how – even though our struggles may be different – we are all so similar when it comes to the things that motivate us to work hard?

Well, today's your lucky day, because that's exactly what the Write Your Story Project is.

What do you say?
You want in? 

the stories we tell ourselves matter. So let's tell ourselves – and others – better stories.


change your story

change your

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