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Self-development Book Review! Cassie Mendoza-Jones: Aligned & Unstoppable

Aligned & Unstoppable by Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Become aligned and unstoppable, but also motivated, inspired, and entertained!

Author: Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Book: Aligned and Unstoppable: How to Align with Your Dreams, Clear Away Fears and Call in What’s Next

I loved this book! It’s easy to read, entertaining, and so insightful. Cassie has a fun, relaxed writing style that makes you feel like you’re reading something written by a friend, and it’s clear that she’s bursting with knowledge in all kinds of areas: naturopathy, kinesiology, business alignment, mindset, limiting beliefs, self-belief, EFT, herbal medicine, and – of course – being aligned and unstoppable when it comes to going after your goals and achieving your dreams (or something better – a phrase of Cassie’s I’m definitely going to be adding into my daily vocabulary!).

I like how she gives examples from her own life and from her professional encounters with clients, as well as the journaling prompts and affirmations that are included in every chapter. It certainly gave me food for thought – and I learned a lot about naturopathy and kinesiology (which hadn’t really been on my radar before) – but, most importantly, it motivated me and inspired me to continue working towards my goals. I particularly liked the parts about taking brain holidays and about ‘reversing the creativity process’ – the notion that everything you want to create has already been created on some level, and it’s simply up to you to bring it to life.

As a writer myself, I also liked the chapter on how she started writing, as well as everything she says about pivoting in her business and combining her passions to become more aligned with her values and her calling – something I’ve also done recently. It’s also made me think about blending my own talents and passions together even more, instead of compartmentalising them.

The author also gives you some easy to digest, bite-sized bits of information on herbs, crystals, chakras, and loads of other things you can use to help look after yourself and your wellbeing – including a wonderful and detailed ‘Expand Your Energy’ meditation.

Aligned & Unstoppable is all about doing the work that truly lights you up, and it’s certainly given me a real boost in terms of my own career and professional goals. If you’re currently in a bit of a slump with your business or if you want to create something and put it out into the world but you’re not sure what that is (or you don’t believe you have what it takes), this book will give you the encouragement you need to go out there and do it. I’ll definitely be reading the author’s other books after this, and recommending this one to my friends and clients!

To find out more about Cassie head to her website or check out the book on Amazon!

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