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This is WTA’s Innovative Flagship Course, offering you EVERYTHING you need to know to write your book (and much, much more). The internship also includes a full in-depth edit of your manuscript (up to 100,000 words)!


I'm glad you asked!

Learn how to plan, write, edit, and self-publish your novel in less than three months (or even one or two).

See how I, Jessica Grace Coleman, create my next novel by following me every step of the way – and I mean EVERY STEP of the way!

Watch my computer screen in real time as I take you through every aspect of novel writing, including all planning and (gasp!) first drafts – the things writers don't usually let you see. Not to mention all the stuff you need to do once you've finished writing your book and want to self-publish it.

This is an 'internship' rather than a course – you will learn real, practical skills you can immediately put to use on your own book, following along with each module so you're writing your book along with me at exactly the same time – writing buddies! It also includes access to the private WTA Facebook group and the opportunity to take part in AMAs with me, so I can answer your burning questions as you write, making it far more interactive than most video courses out there.

You will come away with knowledge, skills, and detailed resources (including worksheets for every module) – everything you need to write your book now. No more waiting!

And, most importantly, you'll have fun – because that's what writing is all about (I promise!).



Many online novel writing courses consist of a few videos or slideshows, some worksheets, and some quizzes. They include a lot of helpful information, and if you're able to learn that way, they're a great way of finding out how to write a book. If you're not into learning that way (if it reminds you of boardroom meeting presentations and revising for school exams, for instance), they might not be worth your time. In fact, you might need a different approach entirely.

A lot of us don't learn anything by simply reading something and taking notes – myself included. A lot of us learn by doing, by actually watching someone do something and then following suit. That's what I had in mind when I was creating this course. I was actually thinking of when you start a new job or go on a work placement, and you spend the first few days following people around and watching them do their jobs – shadowing them. If someone were to just hand you a long, boring manual, telling you to memorise it and get on with the job, you'd likely have a breakdown on the spot (at least, I would). Having someone physically show you how to do things is so much more effective.

It’s the same with writing a book. It suddenly becomes a hell of a lot less daunting if you can actually watch someone carrying out the whole process on video, with access to their computer screen, and with them explaining what they’re doing every step of the way. I’ll let you see the actual writing process, from the planning and plotting to the first draft, to further drafts, to the proofreading and editing and self-publishing... literally everything. Writing is not a linear process – it’s messy and chaotic and all over the place and absolutely wonderful, which is why I want to share it with you. I want to help you write that book by showing you how I write one of mine, and I’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Finally, as with all our courses, 5% of the profits that the WTA makes from this course will be donated to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library – which, every month, sends out free books to children aged 0-5 in the US, the UK, and several other countries. 


  • __ hours of video content of me, Jessica Grace Coleman, working on my book and teaching you everything I know. You'll be able to see both myself and my computer screen as I talk you through exactly what I'm doing (and why), every step of the way.


  • __ worksheets for you to complete and keep.

  • Lifelong access to the course content.


  • Access to the private Write Together Academy group on Facebook.

  • The opportunity to ask me any (writing-related!) questions in a group Q&A.

  • A complete in-depth edit of your manuscript by Coleman Editing once you’ve finished (usual cost, £1,000 - £2,000 depending on the length). This is available for one year from when you start your course – this is because I will show you how you can get your entire book planned, written, edited, and self-published in just a few months, rather than it dragging on for years and years. If you haven't completed your manuscript by the end of the 12 months, Coleman Editing will edit whatever you've written.


  • Your very own Write Together Academy mug (perfect for keeping you caffeinated while we get to work), a set of four WTA coasters, and a WTA notebook.


  • A signed copy of ‘The Darkford Chronicles: Book One’, the book I wrote and published during the filming of this course.

  • A Certificate of Completion.


  • If you self-publish your own book following this course, your book will be listed in the Alumni section of the Write Together Academy website under the Testimonials page


  • Introduction

  • Mindset and preparation

  • Planning

  • Plotting

  • Structuring

  • World and Character-building

  • Writing your First Draft

  • Self-editing

  • Copy-editing

  • Proofreading

  • Typesetting

  • Synopsis Writing

  • Blurb Writing

  • Getting the Perfect Cover Design

  • Preparing your Book for Self-publishing

  • Self-publishing your Book

  • Initial Marketing Ideas

  • Writing your Cover/Query Letter

  • Writing the Descriptions/Sales Copy for your Book

  • Next Steps and Other Things to Consider


As you can see from the modules, while this internship is focused on self-publishing, it also covers things you'll need if you're considering traditional publishing, such as writing your synopsis and your cover/query letter for agents/publishers. Also, while the course covers the writing of a fiction novel, it also includes tips and tricks that are useful for all kinds of books, including non-fiction. If you're interested in a similar course solely for non-fiction books, the WTA will be releasing one in the future. Sign up to the mailing list below to be the first to hear when it's available!


All Write Together Academy courses are housed over at our Teachable HQ. There you'll be able to access every one of our courses, as well as seeing all available modules for each course (and previewing some of them for free). All courses come in the form of pre-recorded videos, and each module comes with its own course notes or resources – usually PDF files. You get lifetime access to any course you purchase, and you can take the courses at your own pace, as none of it is live. While some modules include slideshows or other teaching aids, the majority of these modules feature videos of my (Jessica Grace Coleman's) computer screen – with my face in the corner – so you can follow everything I do. That way, I can show you what I mean rather than simply telling you, which I believe is far more effective.


The cost for this internship is £3,999 – and remember, that includes lifetime access, all the worksheets and resources, 1:1 help in the form of the Q&A, an invitation to the private Write Together Academy Facebook group, in-depth editing of your manuscript, a Certificate of Completion, and the WTA goodies and signed book. To purchase, just press the red button below or head over to the Write Together Academy Course HQ at Teachable!


If you like the look of this course but want a pared-down version (without all the extras and editing) we offer the Full Novel Writing Course for £1,499. You can also get just the Plotting/Planning modules or just the Self-publishing modules for £99 each – all available from the Courses page.


Head on over to the Write Together Academy Course HQ to see the full course module list, payment options, and some previews of a couple of the modules so you can 'try before you buy'. And, as ever, if you have any questions about this course that we haven't covered here, you can email us at

Total cost inc. all extras: £3,499


If you know someone who would love to take part in this course, we have a range of gift vouchers available to buy – the perfect gift for those creative people in your life (and it makes a nice change from toiletries or a pair of socks)!


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