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Get private 1:1 mentoring from WTA founder, Jessica Grace Coleman

Please note: all mentorships and accountability programmes depend on Jessica Grace Coleman's availability. Mentorships can't be purchased directly from this page – please fill in this form to enquire about current availability. 


We know that individual advice tailored to your own specific situation  as well as real-time help with your writing and editing (either via phone call, Skype, or FaceTime) as you progress through your literary project – can be the difference between actually finishing your book or dumping it in a drawer, letting it gather dust for the next however many years. Poor book – it deserves better than that!

These programmes aren't just, however, about helping you with your writing. We know that success is also about having the right mindset, finding inspiration and motivation, and discovering your confidence, and we make sure to look at all of these areas as well.


Finally, to make up for all the paper that writers inevitably get through, for every mentorship or accountability programme sold, the WTA will plant a tree through the wonderful organisation One Tree Planted!

£299 - £399 pcm

(£399 includes editing)



Everyone needs an accountability buddy let me be yours! 


Just like when you're embarking on an exercise regime or starting a new diet, having someone to share the journey with including all the highs and the lows can be invaluable (and it makes the thing a whole lot more fun too)! And guess what? It's the same with writing.

The truth is, we're more likely to keep going and achieve our goals if we have someone checking up on us, helping us, and cheering us on.

If you need ongoing help with your writing but don't want full mentoring, the WTA offers a monthly accountability programme, which you can subscribe to and stop at any time. Here's what you'll get:

  • Two 15-minute phone/Skype calls with Jessica per month, to discuss your goals for the month and any issues stopping you from achieving those goals. These can include writing goals, word counts, or changing your mindset.


  • A checklist document, which will list your goals and which will provide tailored tips and practical exercises to help with your writing.

  • Weekly emails to make sure you're progressing towards your goals, and advice and help if you're not.


  • If you choose the editing package, you will also get up to 8,000 words edited each month.


Do you need help with just a few aspects of your writing? Or do you want to try a single mentoring session before committing to a mentoring package? Is there a paragraph you just can’t get right? Are you failing to hook your reader with your first few lines? Are you unsure whether your dialogue is realistic? Do you need help with a title?


How about structuring your novel or creating believable characters? Or is it the dreaded blurb for the back of your book that you just can't get right?

If you only have a few things you want advice on, this could be the type of mentoring you need. The one-off session features a 60-minute call, but you can purchase as many sessions as you want, as and when you need help.


If you want ongoing help, you might want to look at the other mentoring packages available (such as the monthly mentoring or the full six-month mentorship, which includes a full edit of your manuscript), but for a one-off or a taster session, this option is perfect. Here's what you'll get:


  • A 60-minute phone/video call with Jessica.

  • A pre-call form to fill out so Jessica can give you the specific, tailored help you need with your writing.

  • A follow-up email to check on your progress and to offer any closing advice or next steps.

  • A bespoke writing help document tailored to your needs.



£199 per session


£999 pcm, £899 pcm if paying for 3 months

If a one-off call isn’t enough, but you don’t feel you need extensive help with every single part of writing your book, this could be the mentoring package for you. Do it for as many months as you want, and stop whenever you want.

You can pay month by month, or you can pay for three months up front and save £300. If you think you might want mentoring for six or more months, take a look at the full six-month mentorship package, which saves you even more money per month and which includes a full in-depth edit of your finished manuscript (worth up to £2000).

Here's what you'll get:


  • Eight 45-minute phone/video calls with Jessica, either two a week or to be spread out as you wish.  

  • Pre-call forms to fill out so Jessica can give you the specific, tailored help you need with your writing.

  • Ongoing emails with Jessica if you have questions or require feedback in between the scheduled calls.

  • In-depth editing of up to 1,000 words a month. 

  • A WTA mug, perfect for keeping you caffeinated!

This extensive six-month mentorship is for those wanting help and advice throughout the entire process of writing a novel – from the planning to the writing, the editing to the self-publishing, and everything in between. This package includes ongoing feedback on all aspects of your writing, unlimited email access to Jessica Grace Coleman, plus a full in-depth edit of your manuscript (a service worth up to £2000). Every part of the mentorship will be bespoke and tailored to you, and no question will be too small or too silly – we want you to get this right, and have fun while doing it! 


Here's what you'll get:


  • Twenty-four 45-minute phone/video calls with Jessica, either one a week or to be spread out as you wish.

  • Pre-call forms to fill out so Jessica can give you the specific, tailored help you need with your writing. 

  • Ongoing emails with Jessica if you have questions or require feedback in between the scheduled calls.

  • In-depth editing of up to 5,000 words a month. 

  • A complete in-depth edit of your finished manuscript by Coleman Editing (usual cost up to £2,000). 

  • A WTA mug – perfect for keeping you caffeinated – plus a set of WTA coasters and a WTA notebook.



£4,999 or two instalments of £2,499.50



We now have a range of gift vouchers available to buy perfect for the people in your life with writing ambitions (or for those people who 'have everything'!)