Hi! My name's Jess and I'm a word nerd.


I'm a British author, editor, writing mentor, and self-proclaimed introvertpreneur. 


My mission? To change as many women's lives as possible by teaching them there's more to life than suffering through their soul-sucking 9-5. Why? Because I believe every woman has the right to live an epic life they truly love.

I've had more boring, low-paid, soul-sucking jobs than you can shake a stick at. Every morning I would dread going to work, and every morning I'd say to myself, 'There must be more to life than this!'

And guess what? I was right.

In 2014 I ditched my retail job and became a full-time entrepreneur with my writing and editing business.

I erased the story I'd been telling myself – that I didn't deserve to do something I loved for a living, and that I didn't deserve to earn more money – and wrote myself a shiny new chapter.


Now I teach other women how to flip the script, rewrite their stories, and become epic, purpose-driven entrepreneurs.


After all, we are the authors of our own lives, but so many of us never even pick up the pen. Well, it's time to start. Right now.

So, tell me. Girl... what's YOUR story?

What is life if not a blank book waiting for us to fill each page with our own wonderful, thrilling, magical story?


The sad thing is, many of us forget that; we just let life happen to us instead of going out and making things happen. We tell ourselves there’s nothing we can do. We allow our pasts to dictate our future.


We let the novel of our life write itself, no matter how mundane, stressful, or depressing that book may turn out to be.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way!


Whether you’re a writer or nonwriter, you can complete the specially designed exercises in this book to help you come to terms with your past, learn how to really live in the present, and – most importantly – take the steps you need to get yourself on the right path... a path that will take you right to your dream life.


You are the author of your own life, so pick up that pen and get writing!