...when an old man dies, a library burns to the ground...

Old African Proverb

Hi! My name's Jess and I'm a wordaholic. I'm an author, editor, and self-proclaimed introvertpreneur – I'm very quiet and often shy, but I'm confident when it comes to going after what I want and achieving my dreams. And what are my dreams? At the moment: running my own businesses and helping thousands of people accomplish their goals – and change their lives –through writing.

The main reason I came up with the Write Your Life Method can be summed up in just one quote: When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground. If we don't write our life stories down on paper – or at least record the lessons we've learnt during our lives, whether as an autobiography or in a novel – when we die, everything we've been through and everything we've achieved dies with us. Morbid? Yes. Important? Also yes.

If you want to leave behind your own personal legacy and make a mark on the world, writing a book is a brilliant way of doing it.

As another saying goes, everyone has a book in them, and this is something I truly believe – so what are you waiting for? If you're not careful, your own personal library might burn to the ground before you get around to writing... well, anything.

So, that's me: writer, editor, introvertpreneur, and massive word nerd. I'm here to help, so let me know what you need!

Read more about me in a recent interview I did for 'Meet The Author Monday'!

You can find out more about all the services and products I have on offer over at my main site, www.jessicagracecoleman.com



"I love the Write Your Life book! The author includes plenty of fun exercises to help you determine exactly what you value and what you want. Then she provides practical (also fun) techniques so you can achieve those things. I especially like how she describes her own history as someone who overcame adversity (a medical condition, crippling shyness, and a weight problem) to become the successful person she is today. It inspired me, and I’m quite a bit older than she is. I’m blown away by some of the wisdom in this book. Thanks to Jessica, I have a roadmap of my own to travel for 2021, and I’m excited to start making things happen. I can’t wait to see what I accomplish by 2022. I recommend this book highly." – Marie-Therese Hernon

"I’m absolutely blown away by the Write Your Life book. It’s easily as good as any of the other self-development books I’ve read, and the parts where Jessica writes her own life examples are so good – they really showcase her writing skills, giving you confidence that she knows what she’s talking about. It’s an absolutely fantastic idea to combine self-development with writing exercises!" – Beth Lambert

A must-read to change your life. I'm really enjoying following the Write Your Life method. Jessica Coleman has a very engaging style in explaining the process. The very process of writing is such a powerful tool and Jessica expertly shows how you can change your life for the better with it. Read this book, get writing and follow your dreams! Five stars. – Wayne Mullane

A Great Writer's Guide for Creative Dreamers! For anyone who loves writing, needs inspiration, structure, or simply feels the need to express yourself through words, Jessica Grace's book will inspire you to choose to make time to begin creating and, most importantly, Living Your Story. And you will feel more empowered and amazed about Your Story as you start living your Dreams, step by practical step. This book is truly a lovely guide for both seasoned and beginner writers to have on your own personal magical writing journey. All the while feeling supported by a true friend and mentor who wishes for your Success and Happiness! – Jaci M.

“This book is not a race; it is a journey – and an enjoyable one of serendipitous self discovery. I have used this to redefine my list of aims and ambitions and have set myself on a clearer path in order to achieve these and in a realistic timeframe too. What sets this book above the rest – for me – is the additional availability of ongoing support that is offered through the author’s website which includes a range of mentoring services and much more. I highly recommend this book. It has been thoroughly researched and well written with clever insight weaved in that empowers the reader to live their dreams! ” – Tina-Marie Miller.

"I read this book in 24 hours because it was enlightening, light-hearted and engaging. It reminded me about the dream I have to be a successful published author. We really are not under pressure to write the next New York Times Best Seller either but by putting our stories on paper we can learn, heal and grow. It is also well known that people love reading about other people’s personal stories. They can often inspire, motivate and encourage us to pursue our dreams and goals. There’s plenty of anecdotes in this book as well as clear, concise and expert advice." – A. Crocker

“It has been a pleasure since day one to work with Jessica Grace Coleman. Jess was always on time—something I personally appreciated. She was also understanding and easy to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to fellow authors who require some professional assistance, whether it be help writing their novel, or proofreading their manuscript” – James McKenzie

"Jessica edited my book and took it to another level. I used her because I believed what she said on her website. And... it was all true! She was great to work with. I highly recommend her" – Carol Jackson

"Brilliant read. This book motivates you to re-evaluate your ambitions and goals in life. It is expertly written and I loved the insight into Jessica's life and how she changed it for the better. Her sound advice encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and grab life with two hands. I know I will be. After reading this book you will get back the power of your dreams and also your vision in life. I highly recommend." – Ruth O'Neill

"Jessica helped me in the editing process of my first children’s story book. I found Jessica’s service to be fairly priced, prompt, and most of all her enthusiasm and passionate attitude to the craft of writing shines through when assisting on a project. I look forward to working with Jessica in the future" – Christopher Read



The Little Forest series, The Downfall series & more can be found at www.jessicagracecoleman.com

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